Sheep Brain Atlas (An ongoing project)
UCLA Department of Psychology
Psychology 116 Website
by Kevin Noguchi


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External Views
                                                                                           <- Has link to labelled
                                            Dorsal  View                                        Ventral View             structures
                               (D1)                                                     (V1)

                                                                           Ventral View
                                                                              with labels

Midsaggital Views
                                         <-Has link to labelled                   
                                        Midsaggital            structures                          Midsaggital
                                           View 1                                                           View 2
                                            (M1)                                                              (M2)

   Midsaggital View                                Midsaggital View                                    Midsaggital View
Encephalons Labelled                           Structures Labelled                                 Ventricles Labelled

Coronal Views
                                      Coronal Views                                                Coronal Views
                                               1-4                                                                5-6
                                           (C1-C4)                                                        (C5-C6)

Horizontal Views
                                   Dorsal Horizontal                                           Ventral Horizontal
                                            View                                                              View
                                            (D1)                                                                (D2)

                                   Dorsal Horizontal                                          Ventral Horizontal
                                    View Close-Up                                              View Close-Up
                                        (D1 Close)                                                    (D2 Close)


Human Views
                                d                                            s

                        Unlabelled Lateral View                        Labelled Lateral View


                                 s                                         d

                    Unlabelled Midsaggital View                     Labelled Midsaggital View



Arterial Blood Supply


The Basal Ganglia <- New Area            The Cranial Nerves <- New Area


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